Evolve Has Been Renovated!

Evolve has been Renovated! MEA is set to engage and inspire the industry with its first ever virtual conference. Evolve: Renovated will feature a full day of keynotes and business tracks including an international MASTER of business and wellbeing, David Mead as the Keynote Speaker for Evolve: Renovated, brought to you by Inspire Speakers. David, best known for FIND YOUR WHY co-authored with Simon Sinek, will share THE POWER OF ALIGNMENT and how companies can achieve extraordinary things. The virtual conference will take place on Thursday 16 July 2020 using EventsAIR’s ”OnAIR” event solution. This platform will enable MEA to re-engage with the industry by providing a plethora of panels, Q&A sessions, fireside chats and keynote sessions of 30 minutes each.

With an expected audience of over 500 Australian event professionals, Evolve: Renovated will come to you live from the virtual Deakin Edge venue at Fed Square.

MEA will offer a mix of international and local speakers representing diverse industries; covering topics including HR and upskilling, creating engagement, gaining sponsorship, marketing and finding new ways of thinking, advancing our workforce, our engagement and our productivity in preparation for the re-emergence of our industry. The virtual conference will also include networking and access to a new wellness hub, a virtual room with a series of physical and mental wellbeing exercises including nutrition sessions, meditation, fitness and yoga; helping you feel RENOVATED and ready to tackle the challenges of COVID-19 and prepare for the future of work. Grab your works colleagues, friends, come together virtually and make a day of it.

Evolve 2019 was held in Brisbane and delegates surveyed gave the event an approval rating of 94%. We will continue to build on this positive result with a new delivery for Evolve Renovated and, as the conference name suggests, support in ‘Renovating’ and bringing together the industry.

Why You Should Attend

Evolve : Renovated is designed to deliver the skills and connections for individuals and organisations to engage and grow in all sectors. Throughout the day you will:

  • Develop and build your toolkit to ‘renovate’ yourself, your business and your industry
  • Engage through virtual networking with industry leaders and strengthen your professional contacts
  • Learn from both global and local speakers that influence a diverse range of industries
  • Understand the evolved industry trends with so much change and discover how they are driving the future
  • Create new business opportunities through connecting with like-minded experts
  • Be part of a growing and dynamic community that values the importance of events

What Our Delegates Said About Evolve 2019

‘Fantastic conference – highly engaging content which is definitely the key.’

‘EVOLVE 2019 was an absolutely fantastic experience! More of the fantastic plenary sessions please, and keep the personal development and wellness track.’

‘I loved this conference and took away many valuable lessons – great job for organising this!’

‘The overall program was very well built. The content was interesting, and I learnt a lot.’

‘Thank you for such a great event – this was my first MEA conference and I left so inspired and with the biggest smile on my face!’

‘I really enjoyed this year’s conference, I thought it was going to be hard to improve on Adelaide which was my first but you did.’