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Richard De Crespigny
World’s best known aviator, talking teamwork in a crisis and Evolve keynote speaker
On November 4, 2010, Qantas pilot Captain Richard De Crespigny and his crew flying an Airbus A380 from Singapore to Sydney, suffered an uncontained engine rotor failure. Despite the pressure of the situation, with 440 passengers and 29 crew on the aircraft, Captain De Crespigny and his team managed to safely land the crippled aircraft back at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Captain De Crespigny will reveal the inner workings of handling a crisis, sharing the insights and techniques he has built up over decades in aviation. Sponsored by The Fordham Company.
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Shelly Horton
Journalist, TV Presenter, loves a piccolo and our Evolve MC for three days
Shelly can be heard nationally a number of times each week on Channel 9’s Today, Today Extra and she is the lifestyle presenter and columnist for 9Honey. She has worked as a newsreader on Triple J, a producer on A Current Affair and a crime reporter on ABC Radio. Through it all, she’s learned to deliver content through humour, authenticity, passion and disarming honesty.
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Dr Catriona Wallace
Founded AI company, a philanthropist, human rights activist, mother of five and Evolve keynote speaker
One of the world’s most cited experts on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics & Human Rights in technology and Women in Leadership. With a long list of accolades including a PhD in Organisational Behaviour and significant awards, Dr Catriona Wallace has established herself as the innovative go-to expert for optimising customer experience. In 2014, Catriona founded artificial intelligence FinTech Flamingo AI, a company working at the cutting edge of AI technology to provide Cognitive Virtual Assistants for employees and customers. Dr Catriona Wallace will present to delegates the potential new world of AI enhanced events and open all minds to the real possibilities of ‘The Disrupted Event’. Sponsored by ODE Management.
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Mitch Wallis
Masters of Psychology degree, Heart On My Sleeve founder, pasta enthusiast and Evolve keynote speaker
Mitch Wallis is an emerging leader in the Millennial generation with a lifelong mission to empower others to overcome suffering and reimagine the healing potential of the mind through the power of storytelling, conversation and living with authenticity.
After working at Microsoft for seven years, Mitch now devotes himself fulltime to helping solve the single biggest issue facing current and future generations – mental health. Mitch is the Founder and CEO of Heart On My Sleeve – a worldwide social movement and services provider that is one of the fastest growing mental wellbeing initiatives in Australia. Mitch will tell us a story of what it means to be human.