Beyond 2020: The Customer Revolution
and the new role of sales and marketing

Ben Mulligan
Business Director, Transmission Agency
Australian Business Director of global B2B marketing consultancy group Transmission, Ben works alongside the world’s leading technology and corporate brands to find the balance between the art and science marketing. Developing marketing strategies and programs focused upon the end customer that deliver real business impact.

In 2020 and beyond, customer centric organisations are set to learn more, win bigger, and grow faster than their competitors. As the lines between sales and marketing continually blur, this session will explore the state of the customer revolution and it’s impact on the way businesses function. It will showcase how – by focusing on the customers personality, interests and behaviours, marketers can unlock the critical insights to inform and drive action.

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Key takeaways:

Event type: Session
Track: Sales & Marketing
When: Tue 11:35am – 12:20pm