Continually Improving a flagship Experience – the story of IBM’s Think Summit

Felippe Diaz
Business Director, George P. Johnson
Felippe is a Business Director at GPJ Australia and has most recently been named Campaign Asia's 2019 Account Person of the Year. Overseeing a team that delivers over 100 experiences for IBM their business partners and clients across Australia and New Zealand each year, Felippe knows what it takes to build a strong client-agency relationship that delivers results.
Samantha Li
Event Marketing Manager, IBM Australia and New Zealand
Samantha is a Senior Event Marketing Manager at IBM Australia and New Zealand, with a wealth of experience working on signature events. Samantha is recognised for her ability to take complex IT solutions and technical concepts and create compelling, relevant and immersive experiences for clients. Samantha is passionate about the use of technology to solve humankind’s greatest problems and sharing that potential through her work.

For over 20 years, GPJ and IBM have collaborated to deliver events across Australia & New Zealand. Attend this session to learn how, through strong client-agency collaboration, IBM’s flagship Think Summit grew to become a multiple award-winning experience.

Key takeaways:
1. How an agency and client come together to co-create award winning conferences.
2. Using technology to understand more about the audience and creating events that are designed with a customer-first mindset.
3. Building an annual flagship event that builds a community

Event type: Session
Track: Best Practice
When: Mon 2:45pm – 3:30pm