Just How Hard is Cybersecurity Anyway?

Craig Davies
Director, GrowthOps
Craig Davies is an Executive Director for Trimantium GrowthOps Ltd and Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee for RightCrowd Ltd. He has spent more than twenty years in cybersecurity working in several fields, including intelligence, infrastructure operations, security architecture and web development. Craig is also CEO of TriSecOps, a specialist cybersecurity firm and is the former CEO for the Federal Government’s AustCyber - The Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, former Head of Security at Atlassian and Chief Security Officer at Cochlear Ltd.

For business, the risk of cyber security event is no longer one that causes a slow day, it can easily lead to a CEE (Company Ending Event). But cyber security can be used to grow your business, rather than slowing you down.
In this session I’ll cover how to protect you and your company, break down some of the myths and give you practical tips to take away.
Oh, and it won’t be boring!

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Key takeaways:
1. Turning cyber security into part of growing your business
2. Simple actions you can take to protect you and your teams
3. What your clients expect and how to exceed that!

Event type: Session
Track: Business Management
When: Mon 1:50pm – 2:35pm