Frictionless Customer Experiences – how Biometric technology is changing the world

David Borean
Executive General Manager Marketing & Sales
David Borean joined NEC in 2018 as Executive General Manager to lead the Marketing and Communications team and is also responsible for National Direct Sales across Manager Services, Infrastructure & Communications and Safer Cities lines of business. David has wide range of management, sales and operational experience spanning start up e-commerce companies to leading entertainment and marketing companies.

Delivering unique customer experience through technology solutions has become a game changer in the past decade. Think about how we access music, how we watch and consume content, how we travel, how you check in or check out at airports or hotels, how you pay for items or even how you unlock your phone. Technology has given consumers a choice to ‘opt in’ for a better experience making technology the enabler. The use of Biometric technology (Facial recognition, fingerprint, gaze) through AI is fast becoming a unique opportunity to impress and engage customers, providing them through your business a long-lasting positive experience.

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Key takeaways:
1. Understand the role biometric technology is playing in changing the customer experience to be immersive and engaging
2. Understand more about privacy and data protection eradicating the fear from clients or risk to your business
3. Learn why biometric technology is a solution for your next event with a recent implementation case study from an Australian venue

Event type: Session
Track: Tech Talks
When: Mon 11:55am – 12:40pm