Finding Your Voice on LinkedIn

Lucy Bingle
LinkedIn Marketing Expert
Lucy is a LinkedIn marketing strategist who provides expert LinkedIn consulting services and LinkedIn marketing training globally. Lucy has over 20 years marketing experience and is passionate about helping companies and individuals build brand awareness, thought leadership and connect with their target audience on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for businesses and individuals to position themselves and connect with their target audience. With a clever LinkedIn strategy businesses can share their business stories, company culture, track record and industry insights resulting in the generation of real commercial conversations. You will learn the importance of optimise; personalise and socialise.

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Key takeaways:
1. You will learn what a ‘best in class’ LinkedIn profile looks like
2. You will learn how to strategically grow a valuable LinkedIn network
3. You will learn effective techniques to help you “find your voice” and stand out from the crowd

Event type: Session
Track: Sales & Marketing
When: Mon 2:45pm – 3:30pm