Hooked! Connect, Engage and Inspire with Storytelling

Yamini Naidu
Director & Chief Storyteller, Yamini Naidu Consulting
Yamini Naidu is rated among the top three business storytellers globally and is the world’s only economist turned business storyteller moving leaders from spreadsheets to stories. A global citizen, Yamini was born and raised in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and is a gold medallist from University of Bombay and both a scholarship winner and a postgraduate from the London School of Economics.

Stories and storytelling can inspire, influence, motivate and engage people where logic and bullet points may not. Business storytelling is storytelling with a purpose and for results. Whatever it is you are trying to do in business – whether you are leading people, managing change, influencing the board or building your career, storytelling can help you do it better … that’s a guarantee. In an informative, practical and inspiring session.

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Key takeaways:
1. Discover business storytelling – a hot emerging business skill
2. Explore the use of storytelling as an sales tool
3. Identify applications for storytelling within your business

Event type: Session
Track: Sales & Marketing
When: Mon 11:55am – 12:40pm