Industry Leaders track (by invitation)

This one-day track is specifically designed for leaders in the events industry and will address topics and issues that impact the industry and businesses. The calibre of speakers have been judiciously chosen to deliver thought provoking content to support leadership in our industry that drives innovation and will grow the sector. 

Track Partner

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Cultural Intelligence, the competitive leadership tool of the future

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Anoushka Gungadin
The Australia
India Chamber

Session summary
We live in increasingly globalised societies, where your next employee and customer are different to the ones you have had. It is a crucial leadership requirement to be able to navigate this diverse landscape. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) allows you to do this. CQ is a business imperative in the modern economy, to increase engagement, performance, market share and bottom-line.

Emotional Intelligence for 21st century leaders in the Events Industry

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Kirstin Ferguson

Session summary
Kirstin will use recent case studies and highly practical advice to provide the audience with an inspiring call to action for how every leader, regardless of their role within an organisation, can use emotional intelligence to be the most effective leader they can be. Using her own experience as a leader with personal examples as well as the latest research, Kirstin helps audience members understand what it means to be an emotionally intelligent leader who is able to build trust and lead courageously while understanding the impact of their decisions on others.

Global Economic and Social Trends

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Simon Kuestenmacher
Co-founder & Director
The Demographics Group

Session summary
Leaders must be aware of the big demographic forces that are shaping the 2020s. Global trends favour investment in Australia. The workforce is hollowing our into winners and losers. How can your business succeed in the new market realities? Simon runs a highly engaging and practical session that mustn’t be missed.

The Branding of Experiences

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Matt Jones
Co-Founder & Brand Director
Four Pillars Gin

Session summary
Meetings, events, experiences. We all believe in their unique power to connect people, convey stories, move minds and shift behaviours. But do our customers and stakeholders feel as strongly as we do? Matt Jones is the co-founder of Four Pillars Gin, the former global head of strategy at Jack Morton Worldwide, and one of Australia’s leading thinkers and speakers on the intersection of brand strategy, creative communications and experience design. In this session Matt will look at the ways we brand ourselves, arguing that there has never been a more powerful time to be in our industry but that there has also never been a more critical time to sharpen our experiences and our storytelling, using fresh creative thinking to tap into the emotional biases and barriers of our audiences.

The millennial workforce; Creating culture, purpose and impact

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Ashley Fell

Session summary
Generations Y and Z will soon comprise more than half of the workforce and so understanding their preferred way of work is essential for effective engagement. In this session, Ashley will give an overview of creating an engaging culture for a multigenerational workforce, and will equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to engage this post-literate, multimodal and tech-savvy generation.