A – Z of Risk Assessment of Events
without being bored by powerpoint

Bea Tomlin
Beaspoke Safety
Bea's passion for risk and safety was ignited in the early stages of her career, whilst working in the UK as an Operations Manager, and then as an Event Producer. It was during this time that she became particularly focused on safety and compliance and developed the first online exhibitor manual in the UK, in an era where many exhibitors were challenged with email and websites. In 2004, Bea came to Australia for a holiday…. She is now an Australian Citizen, a mum, and runs Beaspoke Safety (V2.0) One of the things about Bea, is that she is not your ‘typical’ safety and risk person, as she strives to make safety and risk engaging and undoing so empower others, so a risk mindset, almost inadvertently, becomes part of the everyday process.

Every event involves risk. The type and level depends on variables such as the activity, the location, scheduling and the number of delegates / participants.  Whatever your event, it is essential you are prepared by managing these risks. Successful organisers manage risk rather than avoid it: They focus on goals and safety, not just compliance. With effective risk management you can minimise the potential costs and liabilities of event planning, leading to a safer, more enjoyable event. It really is as easy as ABC …

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Key takeaways:
1. Why you have to write a risk assessment
2. What to consider in your risk assessment
3. Why you should probably never include walruses in your risk assessments

Event type: Session
Track: Event Design & Management
When: Mon 11:55am – 12:40pm