The Disrupted Event! How AI could revolutionise events and augment speakers

Dr Catriona Wallace
c/o Ode Management
One of the world’s most cited experts on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics & Human Rights in technology and Women in Leadership. With a long list of accolades including a PhD in Organisational Behaviour and significant awards, Dr Catriona Wallace has established herself as the innovative go-to expert for optimising customer experience. In 2014, Catriona founded artificial intelligence FinTech Flamingo AI, a company working at the cutting edge of AI technology to provide Cognitive Virtual Assistants for employees and customers. Dr Catriona Wallace will present to delegates the potential new world of AI enhanced events and open all minds to the real possibilities of ‘The Disrupted Event’.

Imagine the revolutionary thought that robots could be keynote speakers. AI leaders have exactly this vision – that robots can deliver talks and answer audience questions. Could we really have non-biological presenters? These questions will be explored as Dr Catriona Wallace unpacks Artificial Intelligence and the effect that it might have on the events and speaking industry.

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Key takeaways:
1. Artificial Intelligence made easy
2. How AI will augment the events process
3. Robot speakers – how might this work?

Event type: Plenary session
When: Tue 9:00am – 10:00am