Vitality, Energy, & Mental Resilience – It’s all in your food

Michele Chevalley Hedge
One of Australia’s leading nutritionists, Michele is a health author and an expert in nutritional medicine, including mental health. Michele links the importance of nutrition, sleep and stress with productivity, energy and vitality in an evidence-based presentation and will share her wisdom and stories of nutritional transformation which will give you goose bumps. She is a great believer in 'good health does not need an extreme approach, and it can include a bit of coffee and wine’.

Life is busy… building a career, juggling family, working long hours, trying to stay fit, and it is even tricky fitting in a social life! Everyone wants to be healthy but they do not want an extreme diet, a costly approach, or to be preached at. Interesting research is unveiling how quality nutrition can not only improve our physical body, energy and sleep but also our mental health, brain function, memory, and moods. Michele, explores non-extreme, sustainable changes in our eating habits and will discuss current health issues and serious topics in a light, humorous way.

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Key takeaways:
1. Identify the key nutritional factors in a person’s daily routine than impact their physical and mental health-brain clarity, hormones, moods, immune system, weight, sleep and energy to exercise.
2. Identify how stress, even without sugar, can manifest the same physical symptoms on the body and how to modify their risk factors.
3. Identify how sleep can be improved for physical wellbeing, weight loss, and cognitive function.
4. Discover how your wellbeing toolkit can include coffee and wine

Event type: Session
Track: Wellness & Personal Development
When: Mon 11:55am – 12:40pm